East Lulworth

A  One-Place Study and part of the Dorset OPC Network

Burials 1765 - 1841

These transcripts were made by Mr Barry CHINCHEN from the original documents held at Dorset Record Office, and have been given by him to the Dorset-OPC Project.

Entries marked *** are from the Roman Catholic Registers


23-JUN; Richard Bower

28-JUL; Mary, wife of John Tewksbury

13-NOV; Rachel Vincent, widow


02-MAY; Margaret, wife of John Wilson

02-MAY; John b.b. son of Ann Grant

13-DEC; John Penny, widower


21-JAN; James Slade

29-MAR; John Norris

30-MAY; William Soper b.b. son of Joyce Cull

03-JUN; Henry Seymour - infant

04-AUG; William Kendell

14-SEP; Elizabeth Seymour

20-NOV; Elizabeth Galton


06-APR; Elizabeth Hays

11-AUG; John Fry

22-SEP; Richard Mitchell

28-SEP; Mary Rendall

28-NOV; George Swire

28-NOV; Joseph Kate

24-DEC; Elizabeth Slade


22-FEB; Martha daughter of Thomas & Mary Baker

17-APR; William son of John & Hannah Sexey

23-APR; Elizabeth, wife of Christopher Baker

07-OCT; Henry son of James & Jane Seymour

09-OCT; Mary daughter of Thomas & Mary Baker


06-JAN; Thomas son of James & Hester Haine

23-JAN; William Adams aged 92

12-FEB; Mary, wife of George Hunt

25-FEB; John, infant son of George & Mary Hunt

04-MAY; Samuel Galton

23-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of Joseph & Mary Hopkins

05-DEC; Thomas son of William & Mary Penny

19-DEC; Mary, wife of Bernard Eveleigh


09-MAR; John Boswell

09-MAR; Betty daughter of James & Betty Sellaway

11-JUL; Miriam, wife of Joseph Adams

22-JUL; The Hon.Juliana Weld, wife of Edward Weld Esq. and daughter of the late Rt.Hon. the Lord Petre of Writtle - most deservedly lamented.

02-NOV; Robert Hunt

28-DEC; Hannah, wife of William Hatchard - gentleman


17-JAN; Joseph Garland

07-APR; James Slade

16-MAY; Elizabeth daughter of William & Ann Vivian

03-OCT; Simon son of John & Judith Teuxbury

10-NOV; Robert Galton


08-MAY; Mary daughter of Joseph & Anne Fooks - infant

09-OCT; Mary daughter of Joseph & Anne Fooks - infant

14-NOV; Judeth, wife of William Cockrham

09-DEC; Anne, wife of David Grant


01-JAN; Jane daughter of Robert & Anne Seymour - infant

04-JAN; Honour, wife of John Cull

29-JAN; William twin son of Samuel & Mary Dowland - infant

29-JAN; Jane twin daughter of Samuel & Mary Dowland - infant

17-MAR; David Grant

04-JUN; Mary, wife of John Gould

16-JUN; Mary, wife of Bryant Holland

18-SEP; Grace, wife of Richard Kates

07-NOV; Edward Weld Esq. - my very worthy patron

08-NOV; Elizabeth Bartlett

27-DEC; Jane daughter of John Gould


01-JAN; Anne Seymour, widow

21-JAN; Mary, wife of Jonathan Battrick

10-MAR; Elizabeth Adams

09-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of John & Mary Tewksbury

26-SEP; John Gould

03-OCT; John Ford

16-OCT; John son of John & Hannah Sexey


25-JAN; Mary, wife of John Old - gardener to Edward Weld Esq.

18-FEB; Anne, wife of William Vivian

09-MAR; Anne, wife of John Slade

18-APR; Joseph son of Joseph & Anne Fooks

21-JUL; Elizabeth, wife of William Snook

10-AUG; Mary, wife of Thomas Barnes

01-OCT; Hester Kates, widow

11-NOV; Sarah World, widow


05-APR; John son of James & Jane Seymour

15-SEP; John Cull - clerk of this parish

03-OCT; John son of John & Mary Teuxbury

13-OCT; Alice daughter of George & Betty Luccas

16-OCT; Rebecca daughter of John & Mary Gould

10-NOV; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Mary Bartlett


17-FEB; Elizabeth Gilbert b.b. daughter of Mary Hunt

25-MAR; Charles son of Joseph & Anne Slade

04-APR; John Pope

12-APR; John son of William & Mary Farr

14-APR; Judith Firmidge

15-MAY; Robert son of Robert & Elizabeth Seymour

26-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of John & Sarah Luccas

05-AUG; John Luccas

12-SEP; John Woolfreys - infant

29-OCT; Ann daughter of William & Edith Polden


19-JUN; Sarah Luccas

09-APR; Mary, wife of Thomas Baker

11-DEC; George Luccas


14-FEB; Sarah, wife of John Old

27-MAR; Mary daughter of Robert & Ann Seymour

29-APR; Radigan Lisle, wife of John Garland

06-MAY; William son of the above John & Radigan Garland

24-JUN; Sarah daughter of James & Mary Slade

26-JUL; Mary Galton

27-JUL; Thomas son of James & Jane Seymour

02-SEP; Elizabeth, wife of Edward Fooks

30-SEP; Francis son of Richard & Martha Champe

11-OCT; John Lwezey

12-DEC; Richard Meaden

21-DEC; Richard Haine

25-DEC; James Trim


19-JAN; Anne Eccles

04-FEB; Mary Hunt

21-MAR; William son of Richard & Martha Champe

19-APR; Martha daughter of William & Sarah Penny

21-JUL; Elizabeth, wife of James Sellaway

07-AUG; Elizabeth, wife of Robert Seymour

01-SEP; Thomas son of Martha Penny - infant

10-SEP; Anne Penny

13-OCT; John son of James & Elizabeth Sellaway

22-OCT; William, infant son of Thomas & Mary World Esq.


23-MAR; Samuel Beecalfe

05-APR; John Teuxbury

02-JUN; George Citcat

03-JUN; Mary Flower, widow

26-JUN; William Farr

04-DEC; Jane, wife of James Seymour


16-MAR; Anne, wife of John Gould

28-NOV; Richard son of Dennis & Mary Bower

22-DEC; Sarah, wife of George Dagworthy

26-DEC; Rebecca, wife of William Cox


10-JAN; Martha, wife of George Luckas

30-JAN; Fanny daughter of Matthew Ellison

11-FEB; Mary Polden, widow

26-SEP; Margaret Bower, widow

15-OCT; Hester daughter of Abraham & Hannah Penny

20-OCT; George Davis

17-NOV; William Hatchard, widower

13-DEC; Else Bower

15-DEC; Sarah Penny, widow


18-JAN; John Luckas, widower

24-MAR; Mary daughter of Joseph & Mary Hopkins

25-MAR; Jane, wife of David Dorward

14-JUN; Richard son of John & Elizabeth Squibb

16-JUL; Bryant Holland, widower

18-SEP; Richard Hopkins, bachelor

15-OCT; Mary daughter of John & Mary Pope

19-NOV; Charles son of Dennis & Mary Bower

01-DEC; Mary daughter of William & Sarah Penny

20-DEC; Hester Seymour, widow


12-FEB; Robert Woolfries

26-FEB; Jane Norris, widow

02-MAR; Mary Ford, widow

01-DEC; Hester daughter of Robert & Ann Seymour


03-FEB; John son of William & Hannah Appleby

01-JUN; Rebecca daughter of Joseph & Mary Furmedge

18-JUL; John son of Thomas & Elizabeth Hunt

25-AUG; Robert Miller

30-SEP; Isaac Speck

25-OCT; Mary Galton, widow

28-OCT; Anne Woolfreys, widow

10-DEC; Judith Thorne


04-APR; John King

28-APR; Dennis Bower

22-MAY; Anne Elby, widow

30-MAY; Elizabeth Seymour

03-JUN; Samuel Baker

07-JUN; John Puckett

08-JUN; Richard Keates

28-JUL; Mary Luccas

10-OCT; William Hunt


24-MAR; James Old

18-APR; Diana Vyvian

18-MAY; Robert Cox

18-MAY; John Bartlett

28-JUN; John Woolfries

18-SEP; Elizabeth Marsh


05-JAN; Rachel Penny

13-FEB; Sarah Bartlett

13-MAR; James Sisten

01-MAY; Thomas Whitfield

23-MAY; Mary Haime

03-AUG; Thomas Baker

03-AUG; Mary Baker

28-AUG; John Gould

29-OCT; Elizabeth Miller

11-NOV; Mary Hunt

26-DEC; Robert Pope


17-JAN; Anne Grant

23-JAN; Elizabeth Champ

05-FEB; Charles Ricketts

23-FEB; William Banks

23-FEB; Lackford Hart

03-APR; Mary Whitfield

03-APR; William Roberts

11-APR; John Snelling

15-APR; Joseph Adams

21-MAY; Barbara Pike

30-MAY; Martha Hunt

20-JUN; Thomas Haime

13-JUL; Thomas Luccas

20-AUG; Elizabeth Eveleigh

29-DEC; Catherine Roper


10-JAN; Mary Brown - aged 96

22-FEB; Anne Ricketts

19-APR; Sarah Wicks

29-APR; Sarah Penny

26-JUN; Catherine Baker

21-JUL; William Ricketts

22-AUG; Elizabeth Fooks

27-AUG; James Baker

03-SEP; William Polden


30-MAR; Mary Woolfries

09-APR; Martha Luccas

11-MAY; Sarah Speck

06-JUL; John Toup

09-OCT; John Wilson

14-NOV; William Slade

10-DEC; John Luccas


18-MAY; Margaret Woodman

17-JUN; Sarah Woodman

25-JUN; Elizabeth Ricketts

07-AUG; Elizabeth Smedmore Luccas

27-NOV; Richard Bower


09-JAN; Alicia Bower


13-JAN; Joseph Snelling

19-JAN; Sarah Bartlett

29-JAN; Mary Norris

12-FEB; Mary Cull

14-FEB; John World

05-MAR; Jacob Penny

07-MAY; Lackford Hart

17-MAY; Mary Penny

30-MAY; John Bartlett

19-JUN; Elizabeth Cooling

06-JUL; Sarah Baker

01-AUG; Anne Slade

10-SEP; Edith Polden

07-NOV; John Sexey


04-MAR; Henry Polden

27-MAR; Elizabeth Mary Champ

29-JUL; Sarah Luccas

21-SEP; Christopher Baker

30-SEP; Joseph James

27-DEC; Jeremiah Whitfield

30-DEC; Sarah Galton


15-JAN; Thomas Haines

21-JAN; Harriott Woodman

04-MAR; Thomas Haines

25-MAR; John Fomont

26-MAY; Mary Toop

20-OCT; Richard Champ

19-NOV; Samuel Baker

24-NOV; Richard Baker

30-NOV; Barnard Eveleigh

07-DEC; Elizabeth Baker

30-DEC; Elizabeth Davis


05-JAN; Anthony Yeake

07-JAN; Mary Davis

25-JAN; Edith Coombs

27-MAR; Thomas Wilson

01-APR; Mary King

21-SEP; Mary Fountain


20-JAN; John Garland

30-JAN; Hannah Sexey

21-FEB; Mary Pope

08-SEP; Elizabeth Gould


13-JAN; Mary Rawles

31-JAN; William Vivian

31-MAR; George Davis

06-APR; Rebecca Gould

05-AUG; Anne Fookes

22-AUG; Mary Teuxbury

29-AUG; Elizabeth Candle

27-OCT; Anne Slade

09-DEC; Mary Luccas

15-DEC; John Wilson


06-JAN; Thomas Slade

24-JAN; Judith Teuxbury

24-JAN; Robert Skiller

14-FEB; John Haine

01-MAR; Elizabeth Baker

06-APR; Sarah Tuexbury

14-APR; Mary Roberts

14-SEP; Isaac Speck


30-JAN; Dorothy Luccas

07-AUG; Anne Haine

11-DEC; Anthony Slade


10-JAN; James Hunt

20-FEB; Mary Skiller

13-MAR; Mary Roberts

05-APR; Mary Squibb

15-NOV; Thomas Puckett


05-FEB; Sarah Anne Baker

05-MAY; John Hunt

29-MAY; James Browne

10-JUN; Mary Elizabeth Hatchard

30-JUN; George Luccas


18-JAN; Joseph Fookes

10-MAR; Elizabeth Browne

27-MAR; James Champ

29-JUL; Dinah Seymour

09-AUG; Matthew Slade

06-SEP; Elizabeth Murray


05-APR; Hesther Cooling

27-JUN; Elizabeth Haynes

04-JUL; Joseph Hopkins

04-JUL; Margaret Bird

09-DEC; Charles Runyard

09-DEC; Ambrose Runyard


30-JUN; James Edwards

17-SEP; Anthony Slade


23-MAR; William Grant

15-APR; John Slade

24-APR; Clara Slade

06-MAY; William Furmage

10-MAY; William Skiller

24-JUN; Sarah Penny

08-JUL; Robert Whittle


16-JAN; Joseph Incklesly

04-MAR; Charles Slade

06-MAR; James Slade

21-APR; Sarah Gould

02-OCT; Mary Grant

05-NOV; Moses Roberts

11-DEC; Sarah World


19-MAR; Elizabeth Seymour

31-MAR; Mary Hopkins

22-MAY; Elizabeth Start

29-OCT; Anne Champ

03-DEC; John Sheany


03-JAN; Mary Penny 73

21-FEB; Anne Baker 76

05-MAR; Francis Slade 18

15-OCT; Ann Allenridge 83

21-OCT; Robert Seymer 68

11-NOV; Benjamin Snelling 78

18-NOV; Robert Slade 26

07-DEC; George Dagworthy 72


20-FEB; James Seymer 81

21-MAR; Hannah Mears? 74

06-APR; Robert Seymer 81

01-MAY; Stephen Slade 1

03-MAR; James Penny 68

06-MAY; Catharine James 8

13-JUN; Noah Maine 39

16-JUN; James Turpin of West Lulworth 9

18-JUN; Ambrose Slade 21

21-JUL; Joseph Murch 56

10-AUG; John Cowland 44

07-NOV; Mary Pope 76


19-FEB; Sarah Turpin 59

08-MAY; Lucy Baker 16

08-JUN; Elizabeth Slade 5 months


25-JAN; Anne Cooless 18 months

27-FEB; Anne Whitfield 51

11-MAR; Henry Woolfrey 57

10-JUN; James Sillamy 76

02-JUL; John Cull gent. 64

01-DEC; John Cox 3


24-JUN; William Bartlett 34

17-OCT; James Crispin of West Lulworth 2 months

05-DEC; Mary Furmidge 67

1818; Mary Furmidge 67

05-JAN; Mary Bower 62

31-JUL; Sarah Brien 31


02-JAN; James Morris 62

12-MAR; Mary Ann Slade 21

03-JUN; Catherine White 54

02-JUL; David Dicker 57

17-DEC; John Skiller 58

23-DEC; Elizabeth Penny 84


20-JAN; Charles Refray 74

05-APR; Matthew Woodman 1

16-APR; William Pennie 88

22-MAY; Mary Dagworthy 84

15-JUL; William Baring Esq. of Lulworth Castle 41


13-MAR; Susan Philips 51

14-JUL; Ann? Roberts 78

04-AUG; Elizabeth Cope 40

07-OCT; Henry Luckes 58

09-OCT; Hannah Penny 59


16-FEB; Sarah Runyard 39

13-MAY; Joseph Wilkinson 1

25-JUL; Hannah Roper 67

01-SEP; George Luckas 2 weeks

06-DEC; James? Crispin 3


16-JAN; Sarah Bedford 27

26-JAN; Thomas Hunt 78

16-FEB; Elizabeth Davis 3 months

01-MAY; Margaret Baker 82

09-MAY; John Champ 78

26-MAY; John Hodgekiss 61


25-APR; Sarah Tidbury 78

29-MAY; John Baker 88

15-JUN; Richard? Talbot 24

26-NOV; Richard Lamp? 77

27-DEC; John Baker 65


31-JAN; Betty Galton 80

13-FEB; Joseph Keates 73

01-APR; Eliza Edwards 25

18-MAY; James Slade 69

07-AUG; John Tewksbury 79

10-AUG; Robert Woodman 64

09-DEC; Maria Vivian 6


01-MAR; Joseph Keepen 65

12-MAR; Betty Pucket 70

24-MAR; Mary Cott 53

09-JUN; Peter Slade 17

02-AUG; Mary Pennie 81

20-NOV; Mary Luckes 64


20-JAN; Elizabeth Tuck 27

30-JAN; Anne Penny 21

18-MAY; John James 43

19-JUL; Mary King 84

03-AUG; George Hunt 24

12-AUG; Mary Ann Linch? 19

20-SEP; Susanna Shitler 20

29-NOV; Thomas Hung? 79

07-SEP; John Snook? 19

10-DEC; Christian Thesder? 32


08-JAN; Ann Robinson? 15 months

13-JAN; Sarah Baker 2 months

05-FEB; Mariag? ...mmer 7

..-Mar; Anne Morey 6

17-APR; Elizabeth Hunt 78

09-MAY; George Willson 9

15-MAY; Teresa Champ 17

19-JUN; Martha Pucket 1

15-OCT; Alfred Wolfreys 1


08-JUN; Elizabeth Frankling? 49

14-JUN; Mary Seymour 30

04-AUG; Mary Snell 36

08-SEP; Robert Basket? 35

18-NOV; Edward Ralls 13

18-NOV; Eliza Champ 8

20-NOV; Mary Roberts 70


22-MAY; Mary Hunt 46

01-AUG; Napier? Roper 86

26-SEP; Robert Hunt 78


03-JAN; John Gold 19

26-JAN; Martha Champ 86

01-MAY; James Wilson 3

..-Aug; Sarah? Snelling? 97

04-SEP; Thomas James 72


01-AUG; Aron Roberts 36

14-AUG; John Short 59


25-AUG; Richard Puckett 78

24-NOV; John Champ 18

22-MAR; George Roberts 29


26-JAN; Edward Roles 9 months

02-FEB; Robert Hide 20

01-JUN; George Lucas 27


23-JAN; Jane Lee of East Lulworth Castle 72

04-FEB; Clare Barnes 72

01-MAR; Julia Slade 46

01-MAR; Elizabeth Slade 52

09-APR; William Sober 80

18-MAY; Julia Champ 17

13-JUN; Mary Champ 55

25-JUN; Fanny Haime 25

29-NOV; Jane Lucas 21


11-FEB; Mary Slade 77

09-MAR; George Lucas of Wareham 85

25-APR; Mary Hunt 83

13-MAY; Charles Frederick Roberts 6

05-JUN; John Lucas? 23

09-JUN; John Cole 47


15-JAN; Mary Farr 73

15-JAN; Mary Poldan 82

03-FEB; Dennis Bower 74

05-FEB; Ann Priestley 55

12-FEB; George Penny 5 months

22-OCT; Catherine Champ 11

27-OCT; Elizabeth Skiller of Wool 12


20-FEB; Edwin Davis 10m.

17-MAR; Charles Pennie 27

25-APR; Henry Lucas 21

12-JUN; Hannah Refoy 95

20-JUL; Elizabeth Squibb 94

18-NOV; Peter Lucas 63


22-JAN; Edward Bartlett 91

16-FEB; George Best 67

24-MAR; Elizabeth Hunt 72

28-MAY; Miss Sarah Hart of Farr's, Wimborne Minster 57

26-JUN; Josiah Vivian 57


05-JAN; William Lucas of Combe Keynes 64

31-MAR; David Dicker infant

02-MAY; Austin Squibb 8 months

12-MAY; George Champ 7

01-JUN; Mary Hodgkiss 73

23-JUL; George Slade 52

29-SEP; Mrs Mary Hart (in the Garland Family Vault) 94

17-DEC; Sarah Keeping 73


-Jan; Anna Bushrod 2***

-Jan; Adolphus Augustus Osmond 1***

-Jan; Patrick Murphy 50 days***

17-JAN; Charles Murray of Povington in Tynham 26

21-JAN; Adolphus Augustus Osman of Shaggs 1y 9m.

22-JAN; Sarah Snook 54***

26-JAN; Sarah Snook of East Lulworth Common 54

28-JAN; Rebecca Baker 36***

31-JAN; Rebecca Baker of West Lulworth 35

10-FEB; Elizabeth Fook 62***

13-FEB; Elizabeth Fookes 68

18-MAR; Elizabeth Slade 82***

21-MAR; Elizabeth Slade 82

22-APR; John Dicker infant

03-JUN; Benjamin Murray 5

10-OCT; James Snelling 84

10-Oct; Frederick Henry Hyde 1***

19-OCT; Joseph F. H. Hyde 18 months

19-Oct; Joseph Bramble 6***

01-DEC; Joseph Bramble 6

1-Dec; James Hymes 4 months***

13-DEC; James Haime 3 months