East Lulworth

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Probate records from 1858 onwards

(of former East Lulworth residents)

Henry James BURT died 25 November 1940

BURT Henry James of 31 East Lulworth Dorsetshire died 25 November 1940. Administration Blandford 27 December 1940 to Margaret Burt widow.

Effects £391 1s.

Mary Anne BURT died 18 April 1925

BURT Mary Anne of Botany Farm East Lulworth Dorsetshire widow died 18 April 1925. Probate Blandford 29 May (1925) to Henry James Burt and Thomas William Burt farmers.

Effects £100 15s 7d.

George Gover BURT died 14 March 1955

BURT George Gover of Vale View East-street Corfe Castle Dorsetshire died 14 March 1955 at The General Hospital Poole Probate Winchester 11 August (1955) to William George Burt electrical fitter.

Effects £2,803 14s 10d.

Thomas BURT died 17 April 1920

BURT Thomas of Botany Farm East Lulworth Dorsetshire farmer died 17 April 1920 Administration Blandford 18 May (1920) to Henry James Burt and Thomas William Burt farmers.

Effects £682 15s 10d.

Blanche Annie BUTT died 24 May 1931

BUTT Blanche Annie of 14 East Lulworth Dorsetshire spinster died 24 May 1931. Administration Blandford 3 July (1931) to Harold Butt land agent’s clerk and Amy Jane Mary Butt spinster.

Effects £737 3s 7d.

Ambrose CHAMP died 15 December 1893

CHAMP Ambrose of Pantasaph Flintshire gentleman died 15 December 1893. Probate London 25 April (1894) to William Ambrose Lane provision dealer Hugh Denis Clarke superintendent of weighing materials and Edward Langdon provision dealer.

Effects £6,627 2s 11d.

Cecilia Elizabeth CHAMP nee CHAMP died 28 June 1938

CHAMP Cecilia Elizabeth of Littlemore Cottage East Lulworth Dorsetshire (wife of William Joseph Champ) died 28 June 1938 at the Royal Eye Infirmary Weymouth Dorsetshire. Administration Blandford 12 August (1938) to the said William Joseph Champ bricklayer and Ronald Joseph Champ bricklayer’s labourer.

Effects £2,581 2s 6d.

Charles CHAMP died 9 September 1875

CHAMP Charles. Administration of the effects of Charles Champ late of East Lulworth in the County of Dorset Farmer and Innkeeper a Widower who died 9 September 1875 at East Lulworth was granted at the Principal Registry to Charles Champ of East Lulworth innkeeper the Son and one of the Next of Kin.

Effects under £1,000

25 November (1875)

William Joseph CHAMP died 19 June 1948

CHAMP William Joseph of East Lulworth Dorsetshire died 19 June 1948. Probate Winchester 20 July (1948) to Ronald Joseph Cahamp smallholder and Harold Butt land agents clerk.

Effects £1,491 17s 17d.

The Reverend Isaac Urban COOKE died 5 February 1859

COOKE The Reverend Isaac Urban. 26 March (1859). Letters of Administration of the Personal estate and effects of the Reverend Isaac Urban Cooke late of East Lulworth in the County of Dorset Clerk deceased who died 5 February 1859 at 8 Ebury-street Pimlico in the County of Middlesex were granted to Maria Cooke of East Lulworth aforesaid Widow the Relict of the said Deceased she having been first sworn.

Effects under £600.

Edward Joseph COX died 20 April 1953

COX Edward Joseph otherwise Edward of White Cottage Pump-lane Rowner Gosport Hampshire died 20 April 1953. Administration London 12 June (1953) to Albert William Cox hospital porter.

Effects £129 12s. 4d.

Lilian Kate CROFT (nee RUNYARD) died 14 November 1960

CROFT Lilian Kate of 12 The Row Town Addlestone Surrey widow died 14 November 1960 at Weybridge Hospital Surrey. Probate London 16 January (1961) to Charles Parkinson hydraulics inspector.

Effects £3,966 16s 8d

Revd. Patrick DWANE died 13 March 1947

DWANE the reverend Patrick of The Presbytery East Fulworth [Lulworth] Wareham Dorsetshire clerk died 13 March 1947 at Holme Bridge Wareham. Probate London 17 September (1947) to John Dwane shop keeper.

Effects £2,529 10s 10d.

Ethel Mary GREENUP (nee SLADE) died 3 January 1956

GREENUP Ethel Mary of 3 East Lulworth Wareham Dorsetshire (wife of George Greenup) died 3 January 1956 at 6 Council Houses Shaggs East Lulworth. Administration Winchester 21 March (1956) to the said George Greenup county council roadman. Effects £193 3s 11d.

The Reverend Walter KENDALL died 19 December 1887

KENDALL The Reverend Walter. 13 February (1888). The Will of the Reverend Walter Kendall late of East Lulworth in the County of Dorset Clerk who died 19 December 1887 at the Vicarage East Lulworth was proved at the Principal Registry by Isabelle Josephine Kendall of the Vicarage Widow the Relict the sole Executrix.

Personal Estate £1,403 8s 7d. Resworn January 1890 £1,522 8s 3d.

Revd Walter Humphrey Lomer KENDALL died 6 September 1896

KENDALL the reverend Walter Humphrey Lomer of Murrumburrah New South Wales Australia clerk died 6 September 1896 Administration (with Will) (limited) London 4 October (1935) to Arthur Rees Price solicitor attorney of Robert Reginald Futter.

Effects £228 16s 4d in England

Martha Sophia LOUSLEY (nee LUCAS) died 15 May 1947

LOUSLEY Martha Sophia of 79 Sulgrave-road Hammersmith London W6 widow died 15 May 1947 at Hammersmith Hospital London W.12. Administration London 13 June 1947 to Arthur Lousley musician.

Effects £286 13s 4d

Ian Somerled MACDONALD died 19 July 1959

MACDONALD Ian Somerled of Milldown East Lulworth Wareham Dorset died 19 July 1959, Probate Winchester 28 October (1959) to John Miller Hannah farmer.

Effects £4,924 17s 7d.

Eliza Matilda Maria Anna MEAD died 4 May 1888

MEAD Eliza Matilda Maria Anna. 31 July (1888). The Will of Eliza Matilda Maria Anna Mead late of West Lulworth in the County of Dorset Widow who died 4 May 1888 at East Lulworth in the said County was proved at Blandford by Bernard Walter John Kendall of East Lulworth Gentleman one of the Executors.

Personal Estate £1,071 9s 4d.

Agnes Mary PAGE (neé CHAMP) died 20 November 1978

PAGE Agnes Mary of 23 East Lulworth Wareham Dorset died 20 November 1978. Administration Nottingham 28 March (1979). £1,477

Henry PENNY died 26 February 1902

PENNY Henry of East Lulworth Dorsetshire farmer died 26 February 1902. Probate Blandford 30 May (1902) to Emma Penny widow.

Effects £141 13s 9d.

Bernard Joseph PRESLEE died 9 August 1945

PRESSLEE Bernard Joseph of 11 Stewart-road Bournemouth died 9 August 1945 at 125 Richmond Park-road Bournemouth. Administration Llandudno 6 October (1945) to Bernard Charles Francis Presslee accountant.

Effects £439 11s 9d.

John PRESLEE died 23 December 1890

PRESSLEE John. 14 January (1891). The Will of John Presslee late of 4 Union-terrace Notting Hill in the County of Middlesex Stationer who died 23 December 1890 at 4 Union-terrace was proved at the Principal Registry by Harriet Drew of 4 Union-terrace Spinster the Niece the Sole Executrix.

Personal Estate £245.

Edward Joseph REGAN died 15 December 1925

REGAN Edward Joseph of East Lulworth Dorsetshire died 15 December 1925. Administration Blandford 8 March (1926) to George Rolls bootmaker.

Effects £118 15s.

Herbert ROBERTS died 20 October 1893

ROBERTS the reverend Herbert of the Vicarage East Lulworth Dorset clerk died 20 October 1893. Administration Blandford 12 December (1893) to Catherine Roberts widow.

Effects £188 8s 5d

[Herbert Roberts was Vicar of East Lulworth from 1888 until his death in 1893. He was born in Yspytty, Denbighshire, North Wales c.1840 and his father was a Vicar. Herbert was educated at Jesus College, Oxford. He was Curate at Cassington, Oxfordshire before becoming Vicar of East Lulworth.]

Charles Walter ROPER died 19 March 1961

ROPER Charles Walter of 9 East Lulworth Wareham Dorset died 19 March 1961. Administration Winchester 23 August (1961) to Ada Mary Butt widow.

Effects £1,466 1s.

Fanny Elizabeth ROPER died 12 May 1951

ROPER Fanny Elizabeth of 9 East Lulworth Dorsetshire (wife of Charles Joseph Roper) died 12 May 1951. Administration Winchester 10 August (1951) to the said Charles Joseph Roper carpenter.

Effects £124 7s 1d.

Leonora SKILLER died 18 October 1956

SKILLER Leonora of 33 East Lulworth Wareham Dorsetshire widow died 18 October 1956 at Damers Hospital Dorchester Dorsetshire. Probate Winchester 28 November (1956) to Louis Alfred Skiller plasterer.

Effects £244 4s.

Mary Ann SKILLER died 22 June 1910

SKILLER Mary Ann of Mount Pleasant East Lulworth Dorsetshire (wife of Joseph Skiller) died 22 June 1910. Administration London 1 December (1922) to the said Joseph Skiller gardener.

Effects £27 5s.

Charles SLADE died 27 August 1875

SLADE Charles. 22 September (1875). Administration of the effects of Charles Slade late of East Lulworth in the County of Dorset servant a Bachelor who died 27 August 1875 at East Lulworth was granted at the Principal Registry to Hannah Kitcatt of East Lulworth Widow the Sister and one of the Next of Kin.

Effects under £600.

Cyril Joseph STROWBRIDGE died 24 February 1950

STROWBRIDGE Cyril Joseph otherwise Cyril of 4 Mountscar Swanage Dorset died 24 February 1950 at The General Hospital Poole. Probate Winchester to Harold John Strowbridge railway worker.

Effects £125 6s 2d.

Joseph STROWBRIDGE died 16 July 1945

STROWBRIDGE Joseph of 61 East Lulworth Wareham Dorsetshire died 16 July 1945 at the County Hospital Dorchester Dorsetshire. Administration Winchester 16 January (1946) to Agnes Mary Strowbridge widow.

Effects £137 4s 11d.

Leo STROWBRIDGE died 18 August 1954

STROWBRIDGE Leo of 51 The Shaggs East Lulworth Wareham Dorsetshire died 18 August 1954. Administration (with Will) Winchester 14 October (1954) to Rosina Mary Strowbridge widow.

Effects £631 14s 10d.

Albert Joseph STURMEY died 1 July 1960

STURMEY Albert Joseph of 4 East Lulworth Wareham Dorset died 1 July 1960 at Damers Hospital Dorchester Dorset. Administration Winchester 28 October (1960) to Edward James Sturmey gardener.

Effects £508 11s 9d.

William Henry STURMEY died 6 June 1964

STURMEY William Henry of 20 East Lulworth Wareham Dorset died 6 June 1964. Administration Winchester 13 August (1964) to Ethel Sturmey widow.


Agnes Kate TRENT died 27 July 1954

TRENT Agnes Kent of 10 Church-street Wimborne Dorsetshire spinster died 27 July 1954 at Victoria Hospital Wimborne. Probate Winchester 20 September 1954 to Harry Stacey registrar of births and deaths.

Effects £146 15s 3d.

Edward TRENT died 2 April 1928

TRENT Edward of East Lulworth Dorsetshire who died 2 April 1928. Administration Blandford 25 June 1928 to Annie Farrow (wife of Robert Charles Farrow).

Effects £191 6s 10d.

Levi WELLSTEAD died 23 December 1908

WELLSTEAD Levi of East Lulworth Dorsetshire who died 23 December 1908. Probate London 28 January (1909) to Annie Elizabeth Wellstead spinster.

Effects £686 0s 5d.