East Lulworth

A  One-Place Study and part of the Dorset OPC Network

Burials 1685 - 1764

These transcripts were made by Mr Barry CHINCHEN from the original documents held at Dorset Record Office, and have been given by him to the Dorset-OPC Project.


23-MAY; Elizabeth daughter of John Feckes

15-JUN; Joseph Gaulton

14-MAR; John Pierce

23-MAR; Mary Baker


14-APR; Joseph son of Richard Cates

04-SEP; Nicholas Ayles


16-APR; Elizabeth Smedmore

08-MAY; Catharine Pittridg

04-JUN; Bernard Smedmore

20-JUN; John son of Thomas Baker

29-NOV; Robert Smedmore


30-MAR; Mary Dunning

26-JUL; John Parker

28-JUL; Edward Trew

24-JAN; Elizabeth, wife of William Weld Esq.


02-JUN; George son of James Bartlet

06-JUL; William Dollen

16-DEC; Symon True

31-JAN; John Layton

06-FEB; Joane Parker

02-MAR; Thomas James

20-MAR; Mary Baker


09-MAY; Frances daughter of William Weld Esq.

19-MAY; Mary Swayne

20-MAR; William Purdy

19-APR; Anne daughter of Edward & Eleanor Dunning


28-MAY; Henry Banfield

29-MAY; William son of Henry Tuxberry

24-NOV; Winifred Edwards


15-JUN; John son of Philip Ford

14-JAN; Margret Cates alias Prior


01-APR; Henry Drayton

24-JAN; Sarah Elems }

24-JAN; Elizabeth Elems } in one grave


19-SEP; William son of Jonathan Dunning

04-FEB; Simon Tuxberry

11-MAR; Anne daughter of Edward Dunning

21-MAR; Anne Wolfreys


27-MAR; Thomazin True

16-APR; Robert Woolfreys

06-MAY; Elizabeth Galton

20-MAY; Joan True

23-MAY; Anne Scot

06-JUN; Thomas Galton

07-JUN; Mary Arnold

04-JUL; Frances Dominy }

04-JUL; Elizabeth daughter of Frances Dominy } in one grave

16-JUL; Elizabeth Arnold

18-JUL; Henry Arnold

22-DEC; Jane Dolling

03-MAR; Margret Beck


03-APR; Joice Bent of West Lulworth

19-OCT; John Parker

10-DEC; John Dolling

30-JAN; Richard Cates


21-APR; William Weld Esqr.

12-MAY; Joan Grout

21-AUG; Henry Teuxberry


05-APR; Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin Baker

15-MAY; Mrs.Elizabeth Dolberry

16-AUG; Elinor, wife of Edward Dunning

14-NOV; Mary Smedmore

19-NOV; Elizabeth, wife of Henry Penny

24-FEB; James son of James Cates


29-JAN; Mary daughter of Thomas Tuxberry


21-NOV; Esther Baker

14-DEC; Eve, wife of James Bartlet


15-APR; Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Tombs, clerk

21-AUG; John Parker

19-SEP; Nicholas Bartlet


17-APR; Alice Parker

12-AUG; John Turbervil, gentleman buried in Canary Close

23-SEP; Dorothy Fooks

23-SEP; William Symonds

06-FEB; Robert Smith, gentleman laid in the vault

20-FEB; Thomas Elems


03-JAN; Mary Baker


20-MAY; Thomas son of William Adams

13-JUN; Robert Cash

15-MAR; Margret daughter of James Cates


07-APR; Anne Galton

15-JAN; Mary Tuxbery

27-FEB; Edeth Grout


15-JUN; Elizabeth Squibb, widow

07-DEC; James Adams

12-DEC; William Penny

10-JAN; Dorothy Pickering, gentlewoman, our good benefactress-buried in the vault

14-JAN; Joseph Vincent, gentleman - buried in the Chancel


06-JUN; Mary World

29-DEC; Anthony Amy


08-MAY; John Smedmore

11-SEP; William Beck

---; Mary, wife of John Pope


30-APR; Jonathan Dunning

14-MAY; John son of Joseph Seamer

26-JUN; Robert Galton


14-SEP; Elizabeth, wife of John Penny


15-JUL; Joan, wife of Philip Ford

14-FEB; Mary Smedmore

13-MAR; Joseph Caney


01-MAY; Mrs Elianor Tomes aged 94

14-JUN; Elizabeth daughter of Joseph Seymour

21-JUN; John son of Joseph Semour

09-AUG; Samuel son of Shadrach Baker

29-SEP; Elizabeth Woolfrey


12-APR; Rebeckah Smedmore, widow

10-AUG; Judeth Pyke

14-AUG; Mrs Elizabeth Gregory

04-JAN; James Cates

11-JAN; Philis Siston

20-JAN; George Grout


01-JUN; Bernard son of John & Judeth Woolfreys

11-SEP; William Ford

23-NOV; Robert Dominey

27-NOV; Joshua Galton

09-JAN; Thomazin Baker

29-JAN; Edeth Galton


28-JUN; William son of Henry Penny

28-OCT; Elizabeth daughter of Henry & Mercy Teuxberry

18-MAY; Mrs Edeth Slade

26-MAY; Rebekah Wakely

18-OCT; Mrs Mary Turbervill - in Canary Close


17-OCT; Elizabeth Pitridg

30-OCT; Priscilla Baker

05-JAN; Mrs Elizabeth Gerrish - aged 89

19-MAR; Frances Ayles, widow

19-JAN; Christopher Smedmore

1719 in margin (1717 in entry)

19-JAN; Mary Smedmore

23-MAR; Grace Meader


02-MAY; Anne Amy

22-MAY; Anne Newman

02-JUN; James Newman


06-JAN; Joshua World


27-MAR; Margaret Adams


01-SEP; Anne James

21-NOV; John Potter


02-APR; John son of John & Sarah World

25-NOV; Edward Galton

25-DEC; Francis Davis

08-FEB; Elizabeth Woolfryes

09-FEB; Jane Beck

14-MAR; Robert Woolfryes


09-APR; Rachel Baker

08-JUL; John World

10-JUL; Sarah Teuxberry

05-OCT; Joane Baker

06-OCT; Joseph Ford

25-DEC; Christian Ford

02-FEB; Daniel Seaman alias Purdy

07-FEB; Shadrach Oakely

02-MAR; John Cates?

24-FEB; John Woolfryes


21-JUN; Joshua World

17-FEB; Betty Pope

31-JAN; Christopher Baker junior

08-FEB; Thomas Wakely


15-SEP; John Fooke

26-FEB; William Elms

03-MAR; The Reverend Mr.Joseph Tomes, vicar


14-JUN; Richard Knapton

22-SEP; Judith Bartlett

10-OCT; Edith Oakely

22-OCT; Hannah Galton

27-DEC; Thomas Baker

08-JAN; Jhoseph Baker

15-JAN; Elizabeth Drayton

16-FEB; Mary Penny

21-FEB; Jhoseph Galton


22-JUN; Elizabeth Baker

12-OCT; James Edwards

12-DEC; William Cribb

18-JAN; George Grout

27-JAN; Stephen Pyke


11-DEC; Martha Penny

13-DEC; Priscilla Baker

22-DEC; Benjamin Baker

10-JAN; Mary Seymour

20-JAN; Sarah Garland

20-JAN; Martha Baker

02-FEB; Mary Baker


28-MAR; Ann Galton

02-APR; Joan Bower

19-APR; Elizabeth Cole

21-APR; Henry Draiton

17-MAY; Judith Woolfrys

26-JUN; John Gould

06-OCT; George Hunt

17-FEB; William Smedmore


25-APR; John Baker

31-MAY; Elizabeth Seymour

01-AUG; John Garland

13-AUG; Lydia Penny

26-DEC; George Slead

06-FEB; James Bartlett

09-FEB; John Grout

20-FEB; Mary Baker


03-MAY; Joan World

20-JUN; Mary Seymore

08-SEP; William Hatchard

09-DEC; Miriam Adams

17-MAR; Philip Ford


19-APR; Mary Elms

04-AUG; Joseph Pollard

31-OCT; Sarah Midway

13-NOV; Matha (sic) Smedmore

22-DEC; Sarah Tuxbery


09-NOV; John Lucras

01-MAR; Sarah Seymour


11-APR; Merriam Adams

10-MAY; Martha Penny

25-AUG; Sarah Seymour

25-AUG; John Pettridge

02-NOV; Mary Seymour

14-NOV; Isaac Pope

18-JAN; Robert Garbott - gentleman


01-MAR; Anne Grant

24-APR; Abraham Penny

01-MAY; Elizabeth Sistens

05-MAY; Phillis Smedmore

26-MAY; Francis Stroud

26-MAY; Sarah Wilson

30-JUN; Mrs Margaret Weld

24-OCT; Henry Woolfreys


23-APR; Anne Lilington

27-SEP; Henry Penny

27-SEP; Sarah Penny


28-MAR; Martha Penny

15-JUL; Anne Cates

16-SEP; Ann daughter of Anne Cates


14-JUL; James Shillar

05-OCT; Mary Shillar

25-DEC; Christopher Baker


12-APR; Elizabeth Cates

07-JUN; Elizabeth Seymour

08-JUN; Edward Pyke

19-JUN; Betty Seymour

26-JUN; Mary Holland

09-AUG; William Prior alias Cate

09-AUG; William Gould

03-JAN; Abraham Penny

30-JAN; George Willy


05-MAY; Sarah Penny

24-MAY; Rebecca Seymour

30-MAY; Elizabeth Galton

02-JUN; Elizabeth Baker

06-JUN; Joseph Seymour

27-JUN; John Penny

18-AUG; James Penny

10-OCT; George Slade

09-NOV; Innocent Slade

04-MAR; Betty Pope


07-JUN; Samuel Baker

07-NOV; Mr John Vincent

27-FEB; Clarinda Bower


04-MAY; Elizabeth Perkins

23-SEP; Mary Fook

23-OCT; Joseph Pyke

21-DEC; George Hunt

25-DEC; Martha Seymour


03-APR; George Symonds

08-APR; Christopher Wilson

09-APR; Mary Hunt

16-APR; George Swyre

21-APR; Joshua Galton

30-APR; Mary Batterick - infant

05-MAY; Aaron Roberts

05-MAY; Anne Knapton

10-AUG; Thomas Wiltshire

26-OCT; Richard Baker

30-OCT; Shadrach Baker

07-NOV; George Hunt - infant

30-DEC; John Holland


26-MAR; Ann Speck

29-MAR; Mary Champ

16-DEC; Dorathey Siston

22-FEB; Shadrach Seymour


04-OCT; Mary Edmunds

08-SEP; Barbara Hunt - a child

11-OCT; William Skiller

30-JAN; Judith Fook

30-JAN; Anne Seymour

01-FEB; Mary Wakely


01-MAY; Martha daughter of George & Rebecca Luccas

03-MAY; Elizabeth Kate

11-NOV; Thomas Smedmore


18-APR; Sarah Smedmore

21-JUN; Mary Fold daughter of William Adams - clerk

22-JUN; Mary Swyre

08-JUL; William Pike

09-JUL; Joseph Gould - infant

23-FEB; Barbara Baker

18-MAR; Joseph Fook


23-MAY; Elizabeth Batrick

30-JUN; Frances Baker


29-JUN; Mary Kate, widow

08-DEC; William Pollard


09-MAY; Joseph Weld, third son of E. Weld Esqr.

04-NOV; James Bower

27-DEC; Mary Penny


21-JAN; James Wilson - infant

18-FEB; Mary Penny, widow

26-MAR; Joseph Bartlett

04-APR; Elizabeth Cutler

08-APR; John Roberts - infant

08-APR; Dolly Champ

29-APR; Betty Wilson

09-JUN; Susannah Roberts

11-JUN; Eleanora Gould

26-JUN; Elizabeth Smedmore

23-SEP; Osben Wakely

28-OCT; Renaldo Knapton

04-NOV; Sarah Seymour - infant

25-NOV; Eleanor Smith

21-NOV; Joshua World - infant


23-MAR; Elizabeth Bagnell

17-MAR; Jenny Luccas - infant

17-APR; Richard Bower

28-APR; Elizabeth Snelling - infant

01-MAY; Sarah Symmonds

28-JUL; Teresa, wife of Edward Weld Esqr.

15-NOV; Elizabeth Slade

01-DEC; Joseph Seymour

01-DEC; Anne Penny


06-APR; Anne Baker

13-APR; Daniel Holland

05-JUN; Prudence Penny

06-AUG; Mary Seymour

23-AUG; Daniel Holland

23-AUG; Elizabeth Champ

07-SEP; Betty Bower

11-SEP; Innocent Slade

17-SEP; Elizabeth Grant

05-OCT; Elizabeth Seymour

02-NOV; Mary Symonds


05-OCT; Mary Hunt

26-OCT; Judith Furmage

27-NOV; Mary Bower

01-DEC; John Batt


23-JAN; Elizabeth Snelling

30-SEP; Elizabeth Seymour

30-SEP; William Bozier

23-OCT; Abraham Penny

03-DEC; James Luccas

14-DEC; Thomas Pope


22-JAN; Martha Galton

22-APR; Judith Hardy

14-JUN; Mary daughter of John & Mary Pope

25-NOV; James Penny


04-APR; Mary Grout, widow

21-OCT; Rebecca, widow of George Lucas

05-NOV; Henry Woolfrys - shopkeeper

09-DEC; Mary Cheek, widow


05-JAN; Mary, wife of Richard Runyard

07-MAY; Elizabeth, wife of John Fry

02-OCT; Thomas son of Sarah Penny, widow

20-DEC; Phillis Pollard, widow

26-DEC; Sarah, wife of Robert Cox


04-MAR; Ann Ford, spinster

15-MAR; Richard Norris - Farmer

10-MAY; Dorothy, wife of William Rickets

07-JUN; Henry Penny - seaman

24-NOV; John Woolfreys - shopkeeper

06-DEC; Moses Roberts - butcher

20-DEC; Edward Weld Esq. - in the vault


18-JAN; Mary, wife of William Adams - parish clerk

10-MAR; John Biles - labourer

11-MAR; Richard Champ - gardener

30-APR; Richard Flower - shepherd

18-AUG; Catharine daughter of John & Sarah World

21-AUG; Jane daughter of Robert & Mary Tucker

07-OCT; Robert Haines - mason

07-NOV; infant of Christopher & Elizabeth Baker

07-NOV; infant of Christopher & Elizabeth Baker

07-NOV; infant of Christopher & Elizabeth Baker


02-JAN; Mary Lowe - Housekeeper to Edward Weld Esq.

12-JAN; Mary daughter of Joseph & Mary Hopkins

06-FEB; Henry Penny - seaman

28-APR; Elizabeth daughter of John & Elizabeth Furmage

10-MAY; Hannah daughter of James & Hannah Slade

12-MAY; Elizabeth Lucras, widow

29-MAY; George Hunt - labourer

05-JUN; Eliza, wife of the above George Hunt

16-JUN; Ralph son of Richard & Mary Norris

16-JUN; Elizabeth daughter of Barnet & Mary Everleye

28-JUN; Ann Wolfrey, widow

08-NOV; Elizabeth Slade

27-DEC; Thomas Vie - infant


14-FEB; John Fooks

07-MAR; Mary, wife of Joseph Garland

18-MAR; Ann Gould - infant

24-JUL; Mary, wife of Robert Tucker

09-DEC; Robert Tucker, widower