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Group Photos - Catholic Schoolchildren 1921

Agnes Champ



Frances Strowbridge

Kathleen Brown

Phyllis Stevens

Rhoda Champ



Agnes Skiller

Evelyn Strowbridge

Charlie Toms

Special thanks to Nanette Hall in British Columbia, Canada for sending in this photograph



Harold Strowbridge

Cyril Strowbridge

Harry Bennett

Edmund Butt

Denis Strowbridge





















Fred Toms











Further information about each of the children who appeared in the school photograph is provided below based on research undertaken.

If you have any information about any of those mentioned, including any photographs you would like to share, or know of any errors, please email us at info@eastlulworth.org.uk


Henry George ‘Harry’ Bennett (1907-1991) - son of Thomas & Ann Maria Bennett (neé Simpson). In 1921 the family were living at No. 35. Henry married Phyllis Flora Blanche Sartin in 1930 and they had one daughter.


The two Brown’s in the photograph were the children of Harry & Jane Brown (neé Wellstead) who in 1921 were living in a cottage at Lulworth Castle Park. In 1911, Harry Brown was the estate electrician and the family were shown as living at Lulworth Castle Stables.

Kathleen E Brown (1910-1998)

Henry Clifton Brown (1912-2002)


Edmund Henry J Butt (1910-1971) - Edmund was the son of Frederick & Mary Butt. In 1911, Edmund’s father was farming Monastery Farm and the family were still there in 1921. Edmund married Kathleen Woods in 1938.


Agnes Mary Champ (1907-1978) - Agnes was the youngest daughter of Frederick Joseph & Georgina Mary Champ (neé Southall). In 1911, father Frederick Champ was a Mason on the Estate and in 1921 the family were living at No.23 East Lulworth. Agnes married Harry Page (1907-1978) in 1927 and they had six children.

Elsie Cecilia Champ (1910-1981) - daughter of Arthur Joseph & Frances Annie Champ (neé Stevens) who in 1921 were living at No. 43 Mount Pleasant. In 1941, Elsie married William Randall (1903-1986) and they had two children.

The other three Champ’s in the photograph were the children of William Joseph & Cecelia Elizabeth Champ (neé Champ) who were living at No. 17 Littlemore Cottage in 1921.

Rhoda Gertrude Champ (1910-1994) - Rhoda married Percy Fitch (1902-1987) in 1933 and it is believed they moved to Essex and had four children

Maud Kathleen M Champ (1913-1980) - Maud married Gordon Selby (1908-1997) in 1935 and they had a daughter.

Ronald Joseph Champ (1916-2007) - Ronald was Head Gamekeeper for the Weld Estate.In 1950, Ronald married Hilda White (1925-1973) and in 1976 he married Phyllis Smith.


The photograph features all four children of Charles Henry & Winifred May Cox (neé Richards) who were living at No. 29 East Lulworth in 1921:

Phyllis May Mary Cox (1909-1991) - Phyllis married Charles Mansell in 1933 and they had two children

Freda Winifred Cox (1911-1975) - Freda married Bertram Manuel (1908-1956) in 1936 and they had two children

Rena Mary Cox (1914-1993) - Rena married Charles Gould in 1935

Ronald Charles Cox (1914-1978) - Ronald married Marjorie Inett (1923-1989) in 1948 and they had four children


The three Hooper’s shown in the school photograph were the children of Frederick Charles & Veronica May Hooper (neé Stevens) who were living at No. 62 Wareham Lodge in 1921:

Freda Beatrice M Hooper (1910-1976) - Freda married Stanley Howard (1905-1987) in 1930 and they had three children

Stella Catherine M Hooper (1911-2003) - Stella married Cyril West in 1933

Anthony Edwin Hooper (1913-1986) - Anthony is believed to have married Eileen Harmon in 1938


Winifred Mary Rolls (1913-1973) - Winifred was the daughter of Agnes Mary Rolls and she continued Henry Rolls’ Journal of Events after her mother died in 1961. In 1921 the family were living at No. 20 East Lulworth.


Alfred Ambrose Ruth (1913-1985) - Alfred was the son of Richard & Emily Frances Ruth (neé Runyard). In 1919 his father Richard was serving with the 612th HS Company of the Labour Corps and was living at No. 25 East Lulworth. Alfred married Phyllis Riggs (1912-1983) in 1937 and they had two children.


Agnes Mary Skiller (1909-1981) - Agnes was the daughter of Edward Joseph & Mary Ellen Skiller (neé Hurdle) who were living at No. 44 Mount Pleasant in 1921 along with grandfather Henry Joseph Skiller. Agnes married George Brouard in 1930 and they had a daughter.

The other two Skiller’s in the photograph are the children of Humphrey Joseph & Leonora Skiller (neé Haime) who lived at No. 33 Rustic Cottage in 1921:

Louis Alfred ‘Alf’ Skiller (1910-1980) - Alf married Lilian Lock in 1938 and they had three children.

Denis Redvers Skiller (1913-1991) - Denis married Margaret Brophy from Ireland in 1939.


Phyllis Mary Stevens (1909-1972) - Phyllis married Edward Oram (1905-1980) and it is believed they had three daughters while living in the Romsey area. Phyllis and Edward later moved to the Petersfield area.


The three Strowbridge boys below were the sons of Joseph & Agnes Mary Strowbridge (neé Squibb)* who lived at No. 49 East Lodge:

Cyril Joseph Strowbridge (1907-1950) - Cyril married Dorothy Stevens (1909-1983) in 1934 and they had three children

Harold John Strowbridge (1909-1993?) - Harold married Mary Holdsworth (1913-1947) in 1932 and they had three children. In 1948, the year after Mary’s death, Harold married Jessie Carter. Harold may have emigrated to Australia.

Denis Austin Strowbridge (1911-1977) - Denis married Emma Tilling (1910-1999) in 1954.

The Strowbridge girl below was the daughter of Thomas & Clara Mary Strowbridge (neé Squibb)* who lived at No. 38, The Laurels in 1921:

Mary Catherine Strowbridge (1913-1977) - Mary married Bernard Taylor (1910-1970) in 1938 and they had three children.

*Note: Two Strowbridge brothers (Joseph & Thomas) married two Squibb sisters (Agnes Mary & Clara Mary). I would appreciate confirmation I’ve allocated Denis Austin & Mary Catherine correctly.

The two Strowbridge girls below were the daughters of Leo & Rosina Mary Strowbridge (nee Roper) who were living at No. 51 Shaggs in 1921:

Evelyn Mary J Strowbridge (1908-2000) - Evelyn married Leo Burden (1903-1975) in 1933 and they had one child.

Frances Strowbridge (1911-?)

Leo Strowbridge was the brother of Joseph & Thomas mentioned above


The two Sturmey’s present in the photo were the children of Francis Joseph ‘Frank’ & Lucy Emma Sturmey (nee Taylor) who were living at No. 52, Shaggs in 1921:

Eileen L Sturmey (1916-?)

Raymond Thomas Joseph Sturmey (1915-1987) - Raymond married Mabel Waites (1921-2010) in 1938 and they had five children


The two Toms’ boys below are believed to be the sons of John & Ann Louisa Toms who were living at Monastery Farm in 1921:

Fred Toms (1908-?)

Charlie Toms (?)


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