East Lulworth

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The Davis Family

Information courtesy of Selina Draper

James Davis (c1772- 1851)

& Elizabeth Jefferies (c1775-1847)

(Selina’s 4 x Great Grandparents)

James Davis and Elizabeth Jefferies were both born in Dorset but their parishes of birth are not known.

James & Elizabeth married on Tuesday 30 May 1797 (as the register entry below shows) in the Parish Church of St. Andrews, East Lulworth.

Although James & Elizabeth were married in the C. of E. parish church, their children were all baptised in the Roman Catholic chapel in the grounds of Lulworth Castle. The chapel’s baptism records show the couple had (at least) nine children. Their sixth child, George Davis, is Selina’s 3 x Great Grandfather.

According to the 1840’s Tithe Map, James Davis was a landowner and occupier of house, garden, yard & buildings.

According to the 1841 Census, James Davis was an Agricultural Labourer.

James, wife Elizabeth and some of their children are mentioned in Henry Rolls’ Journal. It would appear that the family dabbled in the world of smuggling;

All the boatmen came and searched all the premises of Jeames Davis’ on Monday the 6th of March 1837. Took 28 tubs and a flagon in John Cooling’s cow house above Davis’ garden. Boatmen of West Lulworth.’

The journal also mentions both Elizabeth and James’ death:

Elizabeth Davis, wife of Jeames Davis, died on the 9th of May 1847, aged 72 years. Died on Sunday morning.’

Jeames Davis died on the 25th March 1851 at 3 o’clock morning, buried on 27th, aged 79 years old.’

Both were buried in the graveyard surrounding the Parish Church.of St. Andrew, as the following burial register entries show:

Children of James & Elizabeth Davis

James and Elizabeth had the following nine children, all baptised in the Roman Catholic chapel:

Baptised 2 April 1798. Died by 1813.

Baptised 20 May 1800. Died by 1802.

Baptised 26 August 1802.  

Baptised 23 September 1804.

Baptised 11 October 1806.

George was Selina’s 3 x Great Grandfather. Click here to read more.

Baptised 18 January 1811.

Baptised 13 December 1813.

Baptised 4 February 1820.

Please note: Selina is further researching each of George’s siblings and more information will be added in due course.


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Plot 216 House, Garden, Yard & Buildings; a Google map comparison suggests this is the Cockles area of the village.

Also occupier of:

Plot 220 Rickyard

Plot 255 Cox’s Meadow

Plot 263 Peaked Mead

Plot 272 Parson’s 2 Acres

Plot 273 Parson’s Rough Lot

Plot 274 Parsonage 3 Acres

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