East Lulworth

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Wills - Inkersley

The Will of Joseph Inkersley - 2 January 1807

In the Name of God Amen I Joseph Inkersley Resident in the Parish of East Lullworth in the County of Dorset & Kingdom of England in perfect sound Judgment Do make this my last Will & Testament in the following manner ffirst resigning my Soul to God hoping for Remission of my Sins as to Worldly Affairs which it has pleased God to bless me I dispose of in the following manner I appoint Bernard Jerritt No 10 White Lion Street Pentonville in the of Middx and Kingdom of England aforesaid my sole Exor & dispose of my property in the following manner that is to say I will & bequeath to ffrancis Jerritt my Godson and son of Bernard & Ann Jerritt the Sum of ffifty Pounds Sterling I will & bequeath the two eldest Daughters of John & Mary Heselton Taylor of Whiting Street Saint Edmunds Bury Suffolk the Sum of twenty & five Pounds each to & for the benefit of poor Catholics of Bury Saint Edmunds I also direct that the above Bernard Jarrett will pay or cause to be paid to the Revd Mr Augier acting Clergyman to the Roman Catholic Chapel of Bury Saint Edmunds or his Successor the Sum of five pds to have Masses paid for me after my decease I also direct that the above Bernard Jerritt will cause to be paid or pay the Revd Mr Brooke Acting Priest in East Lullworth Parish or his Successor to say Masses for me after my decease the Sum of five pounds I also direct the Sum of ten Pounds Sterling to be paid to the Prior of Athing Prior of the Monastery of Letraps in the aforesaid Parish of East Lullworth All my wearing apparel of what kind soever I bequeath to John Heselton Taylor aforesaid and also all my books of what kind soever and all the Rest of my Residue of what kind soever I will and bequeath to Bernard & Ann Jarrett of White Lion Street aforesaid to erect or cause to be erected a good & proper Stone over my Corps in whatsoever Parish I die in I appoint the aforesaid Bernard Jerritt my Sole Exor on this occasion renouncing all former Wills or Deeds given under my hand this second day of January one thousand eight hundred & seven at Lullworth Castle in the Parish of Geo Morris/Charles Slade / John Meahan

Proved at London 13 February 1811 to Bernard Jarrett (in the Will written Jerrett)



Will kindly transcribed by Ros Dunning