East Lulworth

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Wills - Christopher

The Will of Thomas Christopher - 20 December 1649

In the name of God Amen I Thomas CHRISTOPHER of Lulworth in the County of Dorsett doo Committ my soule to Allmighty Gods great game, it and my body to the Earth from whence it was taken, and further I doo by this my last will and Testament give unto my daughter ffrancis [Frances] CHRISTOPHER viz Inprimio [in the first place] ffoure fcore [four score] pounds of English money due upon bonds from Mr. John TURBOLFEILD [Turbervilles] of Bear [Bere] in the County of aforesayd to be paid unto mee the 25 of March next after the date of these presents and I doo further allow and by these presents give her full power to recover (in case of refusall) the sayd eighty pounds due from the sayd Mr.TURBOLFEILD by suite of lawe or otherwise; And also that upon payment of the sayd eighty pounds Mr.TURBOLFEILD, I doo by these presents give her full power to give him release and discharge for the same; Item I give unto my welbeloved daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER by this my last will and testament the summe of twenty pounds now in the hands of Richard GOULD of West Holme and I doo by these presents give her full power to sue the sayd Richard GOULD in case of non payment and to discharge him by release under her hands at the payment of the sayd money by Mr. Goulds to her or her assignee; Item I give unto my welbeloved daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER one Redd Rugg and payer [pair] of blanketts and one featherbedd one feather boulster and one dorone pillow and one feather pillow and two payer of shooter now in the hands of my sonne Thomas CHRISTOPHER of St Andrews in the County of Dorset; Also I doo further give unto my sonne William CHRISTOPHER now of London the summe of Ten Pounds which by this my last will and Testament I doo appointe my daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER to pay unto him out of the twenty pounds due from Mr. Richard GOULD or any of the summe shee shall receive of myne; Item I give unto my sonne Thomas CHRISTOPHER now of St Andrews one Tableboard and one wainscot chayer [wooden chair often with scroll arms and a solid panel back] and what money shall then in my hands soe it regard not above Twenty Shillings, and the rest to be paid to my daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER; Item I give unto my wellbeloved daughter PASCUE MIDWAY the Relict of Richard MIDWAY Clarke the summe of Ten Shillings to be paid unto her by my daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER out of such money as she shall receive of myne; Item I give unto my well beloved wife Joan CHRISTOPHER the summe of Tenn Shillings to be paid to her by my daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER out of such money as she shall receive of myn; Item I give unto my well beloved sonne Willian CHRISTOPHER of London and Roane GOLDING now in my custody one saddle and bryde [bridle] belonging to the sage horse in case the horse live till my death; Item I doo by this my last will and Testament save and keep all the right and propriety of the sayd goods and moneys due from Mr.GOULD and Mr.TURBOLFEILD soo long as I shall live but in case I should die before the receipt of the sayd money from them this my will to stand in force and virtue; And further it is my will that when soever I dye what soever money I shall have about me or in the hands of the sayd Mr.TURBOLFEILD or Mr.GOULD or any other that is to be paid unto my daughter ffrancis CHRISTOPHER who I appointe by this my last will and Testament to be the relate and sole executrix to my estate in witness re hereunto I have sett my hand and seal the Twentith day of December Anno one thousand six hundred fforty nyne The marke of Thomas Christopher Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of ffrancis Alleine to be the last will and Testament of Thomas CHRISTOPHER senior with one interlyne Francis Alleine.

This Will was proved at London before John Eaton Doctor of Lawe and surrogate to the right worshipfull Sir Nathaniell Brent Knight Doctor of Lawe and Master or Keeper of the Prerogative Court the last day of December in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred and fifty one by Oath of ffrancis CHRISTOPHER the deceased daughter and executrix therein named; To whom Administration of all and singular the goods chattels and debts of the sayd deceased which any manner or way concern the same will was granted and committed shee being first legally sworne well and truly to administer the same / Eve


Will kindly transcribed by Michael Russell

Notes by Michael Russell 26 April 2005:-

1) I have looked in the Parish Registers for Dorset on the OPC Website for names similar to this and I have found a family by the name of Turbervilles. The most prominent of these families are the Lords of the Manor at Bere Regis who owned the Manor from the 13th Century right through to the 18th Century. Thomas Hardy seems to have used their name in his novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

The family seems to have spread across Dorset appearing in many parish register such as Wareham. The name is often spelt differently such as Tubervile; Turbervil; Turbervile; Turbervill etc and many are described as “Gentlemen” It is interesting that the Parish of East Lulworth has the following entries in its burial register:-

1703 in East Lulworth John Turbervil gentleman buried Canary Close and in, 1716 presumably his wife Mrs Turbervill in Canary Close

2) The Gould family is also shown in Dorset back to at least the 16th Century and some described as Gentleman. West Holme is between Wareham & Lulworth

3) There are families of Midway / Medway/ Meadwaye in the area but the best translation that I can come up with for her Christian name is Pascue