East Lulworth

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Arish Mell

Arish Mell

This small cove is locked off from the coast path even when the range walks are open.

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Arish Mell

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Arish Mell from the sea

An unusual foreshortened view looking up the valley to Lulworth Castle

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Arish Mell from the sea

A lovely beach, unfortunately not accessible to the public due to danger of live ammunition.

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In the summer of 1959 the construction of the five-mile-long effluent pipeline from Winfrith to the coast at Arish Mell was begun. When it reached the coast, twenty lengths of 1200-feet-long pipes were pulled out to sea by ship and welded into continuous lengths two miles long, lowered and firmly anchored to the seabed.

Dorset Life, November 2009

Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group visit Arish Mell

August 18, 2009

Representatives from the Winfrith Site Stakeholder group recently enjoyed a visit to the beach at Arish Mell, where annual maintenance work was in progress on the stretch of effluent pipeline from the beach to discharge point. 

The group visited the pumphouse on site and the operation of the facility was explained to them by Bryan Ware. They then followed (by car) the route of the 6 mile pipeline which was laid in the summer of 1959.

On the beach the party were shown the valve-house and had a chance to speak with some of the divers involved with the annual maintenance work.

Sandra Ellis (Chair, Winfrith Site Stakeholder Group) commented “The group were amazed at the engineering which was performed 50 years ago, it was a fascinating visit to an area which the public do not usually get a chance to see, many thanks for facilitating the visit”.

Date:19th December 2007

For immediate release  

Walkers invited to the reopening of Ancient East Lulworth Walk

Saturday 22nd December 2007

Walkers are invited to step out at the reopening of an ancient footpath from East Lulworth to Arish Mell on Saturday 22nd December at 11.00am.

The Army took possession of land in a lease agreement with the Lulworth Estate in 1916 to establish the Lulworth Ranges and has expanded several times since.  This particular footpath has been closed to the public since 1938 following one such expansion which closed access to Arish Mell.  

Now, the Lulworth Estate and the Army have joined forces to clear the land and reinstate the footpath in a continued effort to enhance access to this stunning landscape.

James Weld says, “we are delighted this walk will be reopened to the public and welcome all walkers to come and be the first to tread the path for over 70 years at the opening ceremony on Saturday 22nd December.  We have opened over 50 km of permissive pathways across the Lulworth Estate.  This, in addition to the Army Range Walks, offers a dramatic view of the Jurassic Coast through the most beautiful countryside.”

“The last time this route was used by the Estate was on 29th August 1929 when the fire service attempted to draw water from the Arish Mell Gap to extinguish the devastating fire at Lulworth Castle.”

The first round was fired at Lulworth in April 1917.  Since then armoured troops have been trained for two World Wars, the Cold War and more recently operations in Iraq and Afghanistan by the Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Gunnery School at Lulworth.  The reinstatement has taken much effort and good will from a large number of people.  The result is a safe and clearly marked route connecting the main coastal path to East Lulworth and the walks through the Lulworth Estate.  This will open up a number of circular routes in both directions.

For obvious safety reasons access to the ranges is restricted to specific times.  After each period of firing and prior to the walks being opened to the public they are checked to ensure that they are remain safe.

Although there has been restricted public access onto the Ranges for a long time, it has allowed them to become an area where birds, animals and plant life have been protected from the ravages of pesticides, human occupation and pollution.   James Weld says, “Protecting the environment for the enjoyment of future generations is paramount and walkers are reminded to respect this delicate environment, remain on the path and to take all their litter home with them.”

The Lulworth Estate is keen to ensure access is available to all and have installed a disabled access gate for those using all terrain mobility buggies.

The walk starts on the B3070 (SY 856818) just outside the Castle walls and a few steps away from the Weld Arms.  It meanders for 1.5km (approx 1 mile) to the coast.  For safety reasons, the beach at Arish Mell Gap must remain closed to the public but the path offers dramatic views of the Jurassic Coastline.  

Walkers are asked to meet at the Weld Arms on Saturday 22nd December at 10.45am.  There will be a short opening ceremony and photo opportunity before the walk commences.

All the Range Walks will be open to the public over the Christmas Period from 22 December until 2 January 2008 inclusive.  Range walk opening times can be found at www.dorsetcoast.com or www.lulworth.com.  



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