East Lulworth

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News - 1867

The Hampshire Advertiser - Saturday, 29 June 1867

Frightful Death

A melancholy accident happened on Thursday afternoon as some boys were searching for gulls' nests on the craggy rocks which abound on the Dorset coast, near East Lulworth.

One of the lads, 15 years of age, named Loveless, perceived a nest on the ledge of a rock and while engaged in taking the eggs the stones upon which he stood were seen to give way and the poor boy was precipitated over a cliff of 5000ft in height on to the rocks below.

His mangled corpse was taken up and conveyed to the Weld Arms Inn, where an inquest was held on Friday before Mr. H. Lock, deputy coroner. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental Death."

[Henry Rolls' Journal states 'John Lovless, a boy of Kimpets End fell out of the cliff, highest part of Bendon Hill gitting gulls' eggs on the 20th of June 1867.']


The Bury and Norwich Post and Suffolk Herald - Tuesday, 5 March 1867

Extraordinary discovery of a lost ring

Some two years ago a married woman at East Lulworth lost her wedding-ring in her domestic duties. A few days ago while she was peeling potatoes, and on dividing a sort of double potato she found in the inside of the potato the lost wedding-ring which she was able to identify. The potatoes were grown in a field some half a mile from the cottage, where it is supposed the ring had been carried in the manure, and the potato had grown through.