East Lulworth

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News - 1820

Royal Cornwall Gazette 22 July 1820

Melancholy Event

It is our painful duty to record the calamitous intelligence of the death of Wm. Baring, of Lulworth Castle, esq. (brother of Sir Robert Baring) and the Rev. John Bain, rector of Wintreth, and only son of Dr. Bain, of Heffleton, near Wareham, in the county of Dorset. Having on the evening of the 9th inst. walked to the sea shore at Arish Mill, near the Castle, they were induced by the calmness of the sea to row out in a small boat belonging to Mr. Baring, which unfortunately upsetting, they were both drowned. This melancholy event becomes more afflictive from the circumstance of Mrs. Baring and the two Miss Bains accompanying them to the shore, and being eye-witnesses of the painful sight. While attempting to change places in the boat it upset within a hundred yards of the shore. The spring tides setting very strong off this rocky coast, probably prevented their being able to reach the shore. Mr. Baring was found in a short time, and every means used to restore animation, but it was too late. Mr. Bain's body has not yet been discovered. Mr. Baring was married to Miss Thompson, the sister of Mr. Andrew Thompson, of the firm of Thompson, Bonar and Co.